Methods_Méthodes :

Architectures et volumes- Vessels, Theory of Everything

Sound_Sonores- Theory of Everything, Chantre, Lighthack 1.2

Video and photography_Vidéo et images- This, is my Body, LoveStream 1.1, Loopwalls, Fashion Week (séries)

Actives-  Platinium insanity  Mille petits gestes

Scene et Performance- Rejetons,  Legacy 1.0 (microperformance) Platinum Insanity

Subjects_Sujets : 

Believes_Foi, croyance- Theory of everything, Mille petits gestes

Body_Corps- This, is my Body, LoveStream 1.1,

Technologies- This, is my Body, Vessels, Neuvaines, Theory of everything, LoveStream 1.1, Fashion week (séries)  Platinium insanity  

 History politics Heritage_Histoire, politique, Vestiges-

Platinium insanity  Vessels, Chantre, Fashion Week, Legacy 1.0 (micro performance), Fashion week (séries)

Matter/sound/light_Matière/son/lumière/cinétisme- Theory of everything, Lighthack 1.2

Feelings, identity, projections_Sentiments, identité, projections- Lovestream 1.1,